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The dairy Latini was born in the hills of the hills of S. Fermo, a few kilometers from the city of Bergamo; places still covered with forests and pastures, where they meet the mild climate of the nearby lake and the cool breeze that comes down from Vallecamonica through the adjacent and contiguous Valcavallina.


The company, built by Latini Angelo James, is on the market for over 75 years and operates with the same spirit and enthusiasm, thus ensuring the consumer cheeses of excellent quality.

All this is currently still possible thanks to Adriano Latins that, since 1973, holds firm the reins of the company from his father left, consolidating quality over time. The company currently based in Grumello del Monte (Bg), next to the Cascina Filagni.

The signature “Latini” is so synonymous you know that is handed down from generation to generation, which is expressed through the refinement and careful aging cheese, ensuring the development of the same aromas and flavors.

The task is to add salt and turn on special scalere daily cheeses, made from wood. The use of wood allows the product to “breathe” naturally.

The processes of aging and aging are monitored and controlled at every stage, implementing sanitary controls, but also sensory, through meetings and tastings.

Coming to the present day, the company is led by Latini Cheese sons Adriano: Luigi and Angelo. This is the third generation to run the family business.

The goals?

The same grandfather:

continue to produce top quality cheeses!

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