A multitude of scents and flavors: this can perceive enjoying the specialties signed “Cascina of Filagni”

Treated by cold cuts and cheeses selected by our production, Bergamo polenta topped and served hot. Among the first mention deserve our risotto, freshly prepared to ensure the best quality, in respect of the dishes we offer, but also the home-made pasta, among which our triangles stuffed with salted pork scented with thyme.

And yet, grilled meat, including steaks and fillets from Piedmontese beef and horse. In short, a wide choice for lovers of good meat. A delicacy fillets of beef “cooked in the pan” served with sauces according to season.

Even the desserts are not to miss, created by the fantasy and the imagination of our chef.



Formaggi Latini



Get carried away by the quality and variety of our cutting boards made of cheese. The family dairy tradition gives us the possibility to space: we start with the freshest until you get to the mature cheese and aged.

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Polenta, prepared as usual Bergamo, in the cauldron. Long cooking “used to be”: when the water in the pot comes to a boil, add the corn flour coveted. The cook then for more than an hour while continuing to mix it by hand with the classic wooden spoon.

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Polenta e lardo

Carne Cascina dei Filagni



One of our specialty is grilled meat. The meat to be cooked on the grill and maintain good tenderness must be carefully chosen. Must have in fact adequate marbling.

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la nostra


Il risotto non è semplice risotto. E’ un piatto per i più pazienti.

Il segreto di un buon risotto?

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Risotto speck gamberi e zucca



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